Kowa is the son of the Paola tribe’s leader. A lot is expected of Kowa and, as much as he tries, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble or do anything right.

Full of energy, adventurous and way too inquisitive, Kowa struggles to prove himself to his father and the entire tribe.


Ahtan is the leader of the Paola tribe and Kowa’s father. Strong and focused, his most important goal is to protect his family and tribe from anything that might harm them, especially the Rizbolee curse!


Lalo is the Shaman of the Paola tribe and uses his magic to help protect the tribe from unnatural forces and the curse of the Rizbolee. He has recently taken Rynes as his apprentice.


Chey is the fiercest warrior of the Paola tribe and serves as Athan’s second in command. He’s arrogant and impatient, which are traits he’s passed on to his son, Tyr.


The toughest member of the Paola tribe, Pato is in charge of training all young warriors in the village. He takes pride in his job, but the thing he’s proudest of is his daughter, Syra.


Always upbeat and positive, Zuni is Pille’s spiritmate. His world revolves around his love for her and the future life they hope to build together. He is against fighting and a very unskilled warrior.


The eldest of the remaining Rizbolee sisters, Aya is cunning and deadly. She will stop at nothing to restore the banished Rizbolee and reclaim the power of Ola to rule the world.


Often the voice of reason, who unwillingly gets pulled into Kowa’s problems, Hondu is loyal, honest and clever. And though he may not be as tough and adventurous as his best friend, Kowa, he’s always there to defend him!



Naira is Kowa’s mother and wife of Ahtan. She is calm and compassionate and often the voice of reason among the tribe. She is also the mother of Pille and Lumbee, Kowa’s sister and brother.


Mali is Hondu’s sister and best friends with Syra. She is often underestimated by members of the tribe, but doesn’t care what others think of her. She knows she’s smarter than them all.


As one of the oldest members of the Paola tribe, Elu guides the younger generation in ways only he is able to. His sense of humor usually falls flat on the children, but he still finds it entertaining.


Loza is the strongest female in the Paola tribe and one of the most experienced warriors. Not surprising, since she is the twin sister of Pato. She is also the mother of Rynes, whom she is raising with spiritmate, Tashe.



Pille is the daughter of Ahtan and Naira, and partner to Zuni. She is kind and considerate and one of the few people who understand Kowa. 


One of the three evil Rizbolee sisters determined to rule the world and release her other banished siblings. Mena rarely talks and prefers to allow her actions to speak for her.



Much to the disappointment of both her mothers, Rynes is the apprentice to the Shaman (Lalo) of the Paola tribe. Just as headstrong and stubborn as her mothers, Rynes doesn’t want to follow their warrior lifestyle. She believes there are better ways to get results then fighting.


Lumbee is Kowa’s annoying younger brother. He is the baby of the family and loves revealing all of Kowa’s wrong-doings to his parents and getting him in trouble.


Tyr is Kowa’s rival and would like nothing better than to see Kowa fail at anything he does. Tyr’s father, Chey, is the second in command of the Paola tribe and has a similar rivalry with Athan.


Syra is the sweetest girl in the village and the one all the boys want the attention of. Unfortunately for all of them, Syra is daughter of Pato, who makes sure none of them none of them get close to her.


Tashe is Loza’s spiritmate and the mother of Rynes. She is extremely protective of her family and the Paola village. She does not approve of her daughter being Lalo’s apprentice.


The last of his race, Vecci’s past is a mystery, just as much as his motives. Friend or foe, one thing is sure. He knows the key to the secret to stopping the Rizbolee!


Though she is the youngest of the Rizbolee sisters, Jun has suffered much more then them. She sacrificed her beauty to help restore her banished siblings and reclaim the power of Ola.